Are you eager to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a local family anywhere in Spain?

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Families across Spain are offering full board (including meals and accommodation) along with your own room in their household.
This opportunity primarily caters to English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it's also open to non-native English speakers if they possess a flawless accent. .
Host families are excited to welcome English speakers into their homes to practice English!
In return, all you need to do is engage in conversational English with the host family for two hours every evening, Monday to Thursday. You're free to pursue your own activities during the day and on Friday through Sunday!

*Please refrain from applying if you cannot enter the Schengen-EU area as a tourist without a visa.

Your responsibility involves ensuring that the family converses in English for two hours each night from Monday to Thursday. In exchange, you'll receive full board and free accommodation with the family. English should be the sole language spoken at home with the family. In instances where a parent doesn't speak English, practicing Spanish is encouraged. However, when children are present, English should be spoken exclusively.

It's crucial to note that you'll be staying with a local family, which entails active engagement, immersion, participation, and commitment. Please ensure that you never make the family feel as though you're staying in a hotel. Asking questions and exchanging greetings like "good morning" and "good night" are pivotal for the success of your homestay!

Additionally, please be considerate of how frequently you go out at night, especially considering that you'll be staying with a host family with young children. Weekday outings should be limited, with more flexibility towards the weekend. 

This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture!
We're not offering a job, but rather an opportunity to live in Spain for a few weeks (minimum 6 weeks) or months and fully embrace the Spanish lifestyle!

This offer provides accommodation with wonderful families eager to practice English at home with you.
Living with a Spanish family means being welcomed into a comfortable home without the hassle of finding student accommodation or purchasing essentials like blankets and towels. You'll be a cherished guest in a home where the residents genuinely want to share their space with you!

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This option is ideal for those who may not be ready for complete independence and may be susceptible to homesickness.
As mentioned earlier, this homestay presents a remarkable opportunity to experience the daily life of a typical Spanish family. You'll not only get a glimpse into the quirks of Spanish living spaces but also experience the neighborhood through the eyes of your host family. You'll share meals, watch favorite TV shows, and partake in other family activities—a unique experience unavailable in student residences or apartments.

Responsibilities include maintaining your room's tidiness at all times to facilitate easy cleaning if a maid is present. Eating should be restricted to the dining room or kitchen, and inviting strangers into the home is strictly prohibited.

Outside activities such as private English tutoring, Spanish lessons, city exploration, or weekend travel are entirely up to you. If you're legally permitted to work in Europe, seeking employment is an option.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, please send us your CV, and we'll arrange a Zoom interview.

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Before finalizing your commitment, we'll facilitate a video call with the family to ensure compatibility.
Background checks are required.

References and testimonials are available upon request.

Homestays typically span a minimum of 6 weeks, with flexibility for stays of up to 3 months or longer.

The standard registration fee is 400 euros, payable only after meeting the Spanish family via video call or in person and receiving all necessary details. Payment is processed once both parties agree on compatibility. The fee covers up to 3 months; additional fees apply for longer stays.

Please note that the plane ticket to or within Spain is not included and must be arranged separately

In summary, the process entails:

  • Submission of your CV, 3 photos, and preferred period of stay.
  • Scheduling a video call interview.
  • Receiving family recommendations based on location, photos, and availability.
  • Conducting a video call with the chosen family if mutual interest exists.
  • Finalizing the agreement if both parties agree.
  • Payment to AupairIdiomas within 24 hours of the family video call, after receiving their contact details.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.